Our Team

When your pet needs care, we’re here to help. University West Pet Clinic is staffed by a team of nurturing professionals, committed to the health and wellness of animals in Clive. We are dedicated providers of wellness care, preventative medicine, internal medicine, and more.

Practice Manager


Stacy at University West Pet ClinicStacy

Stacy is our Office Manage for University West Pet Clinic. Stacy has been with the clinic since 2007. She has worked at both Starch Pet Hospital as well as University West Pet Clinic. She started as a kennel attendant and has worked as a Front Office Coordinator as well as a technician. Her Husband and her share their home with 4 corgis, Yoshi, Ahri, Mushu and Corbin. When asked; What is the best thing about your job? Stacy replied, “Being able to work with people and animals. It is great to be able to know you are helping.” If she isn’t at the clinics, she will be at the dog park, practicing her photography skills, watching movies, or working out. She definitely calls herself a crazy corgi lady!

Front Office Coordinators


Deanna at University West Pet ClinicDeanna

Deanna has been with University West Pet Clinic since 2010 as a Front Office Coordinator. She is a huge Denver Broncos and University of Iowa Hawkeyes football fan. Deanna even has blue and orange scrubs along with Hawkeye scrubs. She and her husband enjoy movies and antiquing. Deanna is the kind of person that seems to be a magnet for the stray animals of the world. Lucky for them, she will always pick them up and do her very best to find either their current home or a brand new home for them. Deanna’s cats Panda, Pocket and Ivy share her time with dogs Mocha and Wrigley.


Cathy at University West Pet ClinicCathy

For the last six years Cathy has been a bright and shiny face at University West Pet Clinic. She shares her house with Yagger, a boxer mix, Layla, a pit bull terrier, and Kidder, a long haired kitty cat. Cathy’s family is her pride and joy. She is YaYa to grandkids; Bella Marie, Aiden, Trentyn, and Madden. Cathy feels blessed to work with great doctors and a great support staff.


Kim at University West Pet ClinicKim

Kim joined our team in 2017 and what a great addition she has been. She enjoys seeing all the puppies that come into the clinic. Kim shares her home with 9.5 year old shih tzu/lhasa apso mix named Lucy. Kim loves spending time at ISU sporting events, going to concerts, spending time with her children and grandchildren. Something special to know about Kim this year is that she is expecting another grandchild and her youngest son is getting married.


Cicely at University West Pet ClinicCicley

Cicely joined us in 2016 and we have been lucky to have her! You might have seen her at Starch Pet Hospital as well, because she goes between both clinics. When asked what the best part about her job is Cicely responded,” I love getting kisses from all the animals all day!” When she is not at work she loves to cook, eat and watch Netflix marathons. She has two pets at home, a new pup named Greta and a cat named Timmy.


Charlene at University West Pet ClinicCharlene

Charlene just recently joined the team in 2017. You might have seen her at Starch Pet Hospital as well, because she goes between both clinics. She shares her home with Daisy, an 8 year old dog, and 2 cats named Emmy and Echo. When she is not at work, she loves to listen to music, sleep and attend different concerts. She enjoys in her spare time watching Netflix. She absolutely loves being an Aunt! She has 4 nieces and nephews, and they are her little sunshines! Some unique things to know is that she is a vegetarian, her birthday is on Halloween, and she is OCD and loves to clean, which we really appreciate around the clinic! She would say her favorite thing about her job is getting to see all the little cuties that she sees every day!


Hanna at University West Pet ClinicHanna

Hanna has been a Front Office Coordinator with us since 2015. She started with us while she was still attending high school. She has really grown here and has become a valuable member of our team. Hanna has a German Shepard named Kaiser, as well as a Pit-bull named Iris. When she is not working she loves to be outdoors enjoying nature with her dogs, as well as photography. When asked what the best part about working here was Hanna replied, “Getting to see all the different animals. I also really like that the work we do here really seems to make a difference in the lives of our clients.”



Katy at University West Pet ClinicKaty

Katy has been the groomer at University West Pet Clinic for over 28 years! If your pet is having a bad hair day, call Katy for a day at the spa. Dorothy and Jacob are lucky to call Katy mom, along Willow, possibly the world’s crabbiest cat. Katy loves going to Jacob’s sporting events and spending girl time with her Dorothy. She is also busy looking forward to the next adventure with her great group of friends.

Veterinary Technicians


VJ at University West Pet ClinicVJ, Veterinary Technician

When asked how long she has been with University West Pet Clinic, VJ replied with; “Over half my life.” We won’t give away a lady’s age, we’ll just say we’re lucky to have had VJ on our team this long and look forward to many more years with her! Binx and Miss Kitty live the life of Riley with VJ and her husband. Antique hunting, especially for toys, and genealogy research keep her busy during her off time.


DJ at University West Pet ClinicDJ, Veterinary Technician/Front Office Coordinator

In 2004, we welcomed DJ to our team as technician. He has a special interest in emergency medicine, surgery and critical care. He has recently adopted a Pit Bull Terrier, Layla, who keeps his cats, Stewart and Brady, company. DJ loves building bonds with our clients and their pets. Outside of work, DJ likes Netflix, naps, thrifting, movies, spending time with friends, and napping.


Leslie at University West Pet ClinicLeslie

In 2017, Leslie joined our University West team. Leslie is originally from Las Vegas and earned her associates degree in Animal Science in 2008. She has been a technician for about 11 year and loves it. She loves at University West that she gets to see a little of bit everything on a daily basis. She is constantly learning! When she is not working, she loves camping and watching football. She is a diehard 49ers fan!


Lene at University West Pet ClinicLene

Lene joined our team in 2017. She is originally from Illinois and moved to Des Moines to acquire her Bachelor’s in Degree Biology from Grandview University. She shares her home with two dogs, Ava and Dudley. After college, she managed a dog kennel and there got interested in training. She interned training service dogs for veterans with PTSD and found her passion. After that, she decided to go into the Vet Tech program at DMACC to get a bit more knowledge of the dog world before pursuing a career in dog training. When she is not working, she is either taking a road trip or planning her next one. She love anything outdoors, hiking, camping, and she is looking forward to trying out her new kayak this spring! Easily her favorite part of the job is seeing the relief and sharing in the happiness expressed by the clients when we send their pet out the door healthy. She can’t help but have a happy heart watching a pet greet their owner after a treatment.


Carla at University West Pet ClinicCarla, Veterinary Technician/Front Office Coordinator

In May of 2014 we were excited to have Carla join our team. She loves meeting new people and their pets. She also loves learning all about the veterinary industry. Carla still spends time on the family farm where she helps with their goat herd. Crafts, camping, and cooking are all hobbies of Carla’s.